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How we plan your care with you

We encourage our patients to become partners in their own care. We know care that involves your needs and preferences lead to better health outcomes and a better experience. This means you will receive information in a way that you can understand, to ensure you can make an informed decision about your treatment and care.

  • Top tips for safe healthcare

    These top tips are designed to help you, your family, or someone you care for get the most out of their healthcare. They have been developed by the Australian Commission Safety and Quality in Healthcare in partnership with consumers.

    Tip 1 - Ask questions

    You have the right to ask questions about your care.

    Tip 2 - Find good information

    Not all information is reliable. Ask your doctor for guidance.

    Tip 3 - Understand the risks and benefits

    Find out about your tests and treatments before they happen.

    Tip 4 - Keep a list of all your medicines

    Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you need more information about the medicines you are taking. 

    Tip 5 - Confirm details of your operation beforehand

    Ask to be told who will be doing your operation or procedure and what will happen to you. 

    Tip 6 - Ask about your care when you leave hospital 

    Ask for a written outline of your treatment and what should happen after you get home 

    Tip 7 - Know your rights and responsibilities 

    You have a number of rights and responsibilities as a patient.

    Tip 8 - Understand privacy

    Your medical information is confidential. You can ask to see your medical record.

    Tip 9 - Give feedback

    Feedback helps health professionals spot when improvements can be made. 

    For further information, refer to the Top Tips Booklet from the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare. 

    You can use information from the booklet when you talk to your doctor and other healthcare providers, including nurses, pharmacists, specialists, allied health and mental health workers.

    The Commission has translated the Top Tips for Safe Healthcare into 15 community languages, which can be found here. 

  • Question builder
    Question Builder is a free online tool to help you think about the questions you might like to ask your doctor, and to prepare for questions they may ask you when you go to an appointment. 
  • Patient feedback

    You can provide feedback to us by:

    Talking to someone

    • talk to the staff caring for you or ask to speak to the person in charge
    • phone the hospital and ask to speak to the patient liaison officer

    Sharing your story

    • complete a survey or feedback form if you receive one
    • leave a note in one of our suggestion boxes at the hospital

    Writing to us

Partnering in the planning and delivery of our services

We encourage our consumers to have a voice in how our services are provided and how they can be improved. Get involved by becoming a consumer advisor.

Consumer advisor

Consumer advisors are an important way for Epworth HealthCare to improve how we deliver our services. We are seeking consumers to volunteer and partner with us on the planning, design and evaluation of our services. Your unique experience, knowledge and ideas will be used to improve the delivery of care at Epworth.

Who are we looking for? 

Consumers who:

  • are able to provide patient, carer and/or community perspectives, not just their own personal experience 
  • have a lived experience of our service, either as a patient, family member or carer
  • are passionate and committed to improving quality and safe care
  • have well developed communication skills
  • are able to confidently interact positively with health professionals
  • 18 years of age or over

What is involved?

  • as a consumer advisor, you will participate in discussions to improve the services we provide at Epworth. This could include being a member on a committee, or reviewing how we do things
  • once we know your passions, interests and expertise; we will match you with the opportunities that are available

How to apply

Apply for a position as a consumer advisor.

More information

Please contact our clinical services team on 03 9426 8871 or via

Consumer Advisory Committee

Our Community Advisory Committee (CAC) plays an important role in ensuring we partner with our patients, consumers and the community in the planning, delivery and improvement of our services. The CAC members are consumer advisors and act in an advisory capacity. The CAC meets quarterly with representatives from Epworth's executive team.