For family and visitors

At Epworth our patients are at the heart of everything we do.

Supported by world-class facilities, we integrate clinical practice with education and research to deliver outstanding patient care each and every day.


Coming to Epworth

Rest is an important part of our patients' healing process.

To ensure every patient has an opportunity to rest, we have a dedicated rest period each day and scheduled visiting hours.


The admission process

The admission process can seem overwhelming for both patients and loved ones accompanying them to hospital. The following information is designed to help you successfully assist your loved one in navigating the admission process at Epworth.


The operating theatre journey - for adult and paediatric patients

When your loved one has been taken into the operating theatre, the wait to hear an update on their progress can be challenging. The following information is designed to provide an overview of the operating theatre journey for both adult and paediatric patients, so you can know the exact process your loved one is going through and when you are likely to be provided an update on their progress.


About Melbourne and Geelong

Epworth has 11 convenient locations across Melbourne and Geelong. Both cities present numerous opportunities to explore a range of diverse sights and internationally renowned events. 
Staying well

Beyond recovery, keeping you well is what we care about 

Find health, well-being and lifestyle resources that are updated regularly. These resources cover a wide range of health topics to keep you informed and on top of your health.

Supporting your loved one

Watching a loved one be admitted to hospital is never easy, however there are a number of different ways you can help.

The following checklist is designed to help you successfully aid your loved one in their recovery at home.


Caring for someone after surgery

When someone arrives home post-surgery, there are a number of ways you can help with their continuing recovery.

Rehabilitation at Epworth

Rehabilitation can help you prepare for medical treatment, recover from an illness, injury or surgical procedure or manage a chronic illness.
Epworth Medical Foundation


When you donate to the Epworth Medical Foundation (EMF), your generosity is used to directly benefit Epworth’s patients.

More than half of all medical equipment at Epworth HealthCare is funded by EMF, and 80 percent of Epworth’s medical research.