Post-operative care

When you are ready for discharge, you will be given information relating to your post-operative care at home. We may call you the day after you have gone home to check on your progress.

After an operation, we recommend you complete the following exercises:

  • Gentle deep breathing exercises to exercise your lungs and return them to normal function after an operation
  • While in bed, move your legs about and wiggle your toes to help increase circulation. You may be fitted with compression stockings to assist with this
  • A nurse will explain any special instructions for your care following discharge, and a pharmacist may provide you with information about medications you may need to take. You will be given written instructions to help you remember what you need to do. Once at home, it is important you follow the instructions you have been given


Rehabilitation can help you recover from surgery and prevent further issue.

Epworth's rehabilitation team tailors and delivers programs suited to individual goals and personal needs; incorporating elements of cognitive, emotional and physical therapy, as well as educational support.