Patients and visitors mask requirements 

All hospital patients are required to wear a mask in our hospitals, unless in a room alone or eating/drinking.

All visitors to our hospitals must wear a hospital-supplied mask upon entry and change into a N95 mask before entering any clinical areas.

Your pre-admission checklist:

  • Have you completed your admission paperwork?
  • Have you confirmed with your health fund that you are covered for your procedure?
  • Have you confirmed with your health fund whether there are any excesses or co-payments you will have to pay?
  • Have you asked your health fund if they have a 'no gap' agreement with Epworth?
  • Have you asked your doctor for the item numbers relevant to your procedure?
  • Have you asked your doctor for written informed financial consent?
  • Have you contacted your anaesthetist to get an estimate of their fees and your relevant MBS item numbers?

Your important paperwork to bring to hospital checklist:

  • Appointment details, consent forms and any other paperwork your doctor has given you
  • Completed paper-based admission forms
  • Copies of any relevant current x-rays, scans, or pathology results?
  • Current medications and a list of medications? (Including medications, you have been asked to cease prior to surgery)
  • Documents relating to advance care planning (i.e., a medical treatment decision maker, appointed support person, a guardian, a medical power of attorney, a refusal of treatment certificate or an advance care directive)? For further information on advance care planning including medical treatment decision maker and appointed support person, please speak with your General Practitioner or refer to the Take Control booklet available through the Office of the Public Advocate (

Your what to bring to hospital checklist:

  • Physical aids such as crutches/walking aids and are they clearly labelled with your name?
  • Glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids and a case to safely store them in?
  • Method of payment for your account?
  • Eligible pharmacy or government entitlement discount cards?
  • Loose, comfortable clothing and sensible shoes?
  • Slippers, dressing gown, sleepwear, and personal toiletries (including toothbrush and toothpaste)?
  • Phone charger?
  • Books or light reading material?
  • Footwear which holds the foot firmly and provides support when walking?

Luggage limits:

  • Please try to limit what you bring to 1 small cabin bag no more than 8kg to meet health and safety guidelines. Please read the Patient Admissions Booklet.

Parking and Transport to: