Paediatric  admission

Paediatric admission

Paediatric patients are patients under 18 years of age.
Maternity admission

Maternity admission

  • On arrival

    Please report to main reception in accordance with the date and time you have been advised and request directions to the admissions area. Once you arrive there, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff members who will record your arrival.

    Most Epworth patients will be admitted for their procedure through an admission lounge and there is usually no medical need for patients to be admitted to a ward bed prior to their procedure. Your doctor will advise you if you need to be admitted the day before your procedure.

  • When in the admission lounge

    When in the admission lounge, your name will be called by one of our friendly admissions staff. They will assist you in completing and confirming your admission paperwork, signing health fund claim forms (for insured patients) and in completing an informed financial consent document.

    Payment of any out of pocket expenses are required at this time and once this is done, you will be asked to return to the admissions lounge.

  • Keeping your loved ones informed

    During the admissions process, you can nominate one support person to act as your primary contact with the hospital and to update your family and friends on your progress. This helps ensure our nursing staff can dedicate their time exclusively to patient care.

    While you are in hospital, other friends or family may call to request an update on your progress. If you do not wish for us to respond in general terms to such enquiries, please advise our nursing staff. It is a breach of confidentiality to discuss your health with others, unless you provide us with your permission or they are the guardian responsible for your care.

  • Allocation of private and shared rooms

    Allocation of private rooms is based on medical necessity, so we may not always be able to meet expectations about private rooms. However, you may always request to be added to the waiting list for a private room if one becomes available.

  • In-room entertainment

    Epworth’s Point of Care

    Point of Care is an interactive in-room touch screen system designed to help improve all aspects of your stay during your time with us. A welcome screen will introduce you to your treatment team and provide information about your stay, as well as a 'how to use Point of Care' instructional video and a video welcoming you to Epworth.

    Point of Care also offers an interactive meal ordering system and you can order meals any time between from 7:00am – 8:30pm from a wide ranging menu catering for all dietary requirements.

    TV is also available through Point of Care, with Netflix, Stan and all popular free to air channels available. Please remember to bring your login details with you if you would like to watch Netflix or Stan during your stay. 

    All major radio stations can be played through Point of Care, including 3AW and ABC along with audio books.

    A small selection of games including Sudoku, Mini-golf and Trivia can also be played through the Point of Care system.


    Patients will be given their own unique code, allowing them to log onto our Wi-Fi network at any time.


    Patients will have their own phone in-room, allowing them to be reached directly at any time.