Built on philanthropy

Epworth HealthCare began with the vision of a Victorian private hospital that would provide people on modest incomes with dedicated nursing services, quality accommodation and world-class facilities.

Epworth HealthCare began in 1920 through the generosity of manufacturing engineer, Sir Aaron Danks. Sir Danks donated the deeds of his two-storey house and land in Hawthorn to the new hospital, following up this gift with a further donation of £4,950.

Sir Danks' philanthropic gestures allowed the planning committee to purchase the first hospital in Richmond. Sir Danks' kindness was mirrored by other benefactors who donated the £5,283 needed to fund building alterations, furnishings, equipment and the construction of an operating theatre.

Today, with the help of our donors, we continually strive to provide a world-class hospital environment that not only provides the best possible outcomes for our patients but is also dedicated to their emotional and physical experiences during their time with us.

Our mission is to ensure patients receive the best possible outcomes and care.
Scott Bulger
Executive Director Epworth Medical Foundation and Brand

Your donations help support:

  • Ground-breaking medical research projects and trials, shared with Epworth patients
  • Staff education and training opportunities, passing best-practice on to Epworth patients
  • State-of-the art medical equipment, helping Epworth patients receive optimal care
  • Support programs caring for our patients, helping with emotional and financial needs
  • World-class facilities, maximising patient outcomes, safety and comfort