Number available:  Various

Who can apply:  Employed Doctors and accredited Epworth VMOs who:

  • Have been a specialist for more than 5 years
  • Have been practising at Epworth for more than 2 years 

Application period: October

Purpose:  Support the professional development of accredited VMOs and employed doctors at Epworth by providing the opportunity too:

  • Travel to national or international centres of excellence to learn new procedures or techniques
  • Undertake further study or training
  • Attend a national or international conference

Questions can be directed to Amy Martinich (Grants Manager, Epworth Medical Foundation) – 03 9506 3076 or [email protected] 

Peter J Dohrman Medal

A study and travel grant up to the value of $10,000 for the purposes of enhancing knowledge and/or expertise.

The Award recognises the significant contribution of Associate Professor Peter J Dohrmann made to Epworth HealthCare and to patients during his ten years of services as Epworth HealthCare’s Executive Director Medical Services and twenty five years as a neurosurgeon.