Each patient represents a person whose life has been instantly changed by a cancer diagnosis.

Many patients are on the ward for weeks at a time and they will be in and out of the hospital and the ward on a regular basis, sometimes for many months and even years.

It is critical that our cancer patients are treated and cared for in the best environment. This means not just receiving the best medical care, it also means being in a nice modern room, on a pleasant ward with a family room where they can make a cup of coffee and enjoy seeing visitors, or simply sit and read a book. It is about improving their quality of life while they’re in hospital and creating a nurturing environment for recovery.

Help us raise $1,200,000 to make this upgrade possible.

This will enable Epworth to upgrade and improve the cancer ward, including:

  • Spending over $300,000 to purchase new equipment such as:
    • syringe pump drivers to administer pain medication
    • wall mounted observation machines to carefully monitor our patients
    • vein finders to help with the delivery of medications in a comfortable way
    • new bladder scanners and,
    • patient hoists to safely move patients (to name just some of the equipment)
  • Creating a lovely ‘Family Room’ so that our cancer patients have a space where they can meet with family and friends. We need facilities where they can make a coffee and enjoy a space to read the newspaper in a warm and caring room.
  • Update 30 patient rooms with new bathrooms, furniture, flooring and painting so that our patients have the most comfortable room possible during their stay.

As Epworth’s Clinical Haematologist, Dr Costas Yannakou reflects, for patients on the cancer ward, life is hard enough.

“Often, these patients are dealing with the devastating news of a diagnosis, they’re facing financial and personal challenges due to their health – it’s a really difficult time.”

Being cared for in a bright, happy and uplifting environment when you’re at your sickest helps patients mentally and can play a real part in their recovery.”

No one wants to be a patient on a cancer ward.

This upgrade will only be possible with the support and generosity of our community.

Your gift is so critical. Please make a donation today.

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