Donate today to help Epworth purchase four Sentinel Node Navigator Probes and help us have the fastest, safest, and most accurate diagnostic tool to assess the progression of cancer in breast cancer patients at Epworth.

Sentinel nodes are the first lymph glands to which cancer cells are likely to spread from a primary tumour. When treating breast cancer, clinicians examine the tiny nodes located deep within the armpit where they are surrounded by important and intricate lymphatic vessels and organs.

Using advanced radio frequency technology, Navigator Probes are essential in locating the sentinel node with pinpoint accuracy. This means surgeons can locate and remove the tiny primary node for biopsy without damaging the surrounding vessels and tissue.

Using a Navigator Probe ensures patients do not need to undergo invasive lymphatic surgery to receive the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for breast cancer.

As the incidence of breast cancer grows, we need additional medical equipment to help the growing number of breast cancer patients Epworth cares for each year.

Please help provide world-class care to breast cancer patients at Epworth by donating today.

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