We love getting to know our donors! If you’d like to help but aren’t sure how, then let’s sit down together and discuss ways for you to support Epworth.
Scott Bulger
Executive Director Epworth Medical Foundation and Brand

Epworth HealthCare relies on the generosity of our donors to achieve our mission of becoming one of the world's truly great academic and teaching hospitals.

Seven reasons to support Epworth

1) We are a charity

Epworth is a charitable, not-for-profit hospital that exists to benefit our patients and families. Surplus funds are reinvested directly back to our patients by financing world-class hospital facilities, medical equipment and ground-breaking research that can be applied to patient treatments.

2) Donations buy new equipment

Epworth's goal is to ensure that every patient receives the best possible care. That means ensuring they have access to the best and most recent medical equipment to treat their illnesses, at all times. Donations help fund more than a third of all new medical equipment purchases at Epworth.

3) Donations help upgrade facilities

Epworth HealthCare is almost 100 years old. Through our journey, we have consistently invested in expanding, upgrading and improving our facilities to ensure they continue to provide our patients with the best possible care.

This means investing in the latest technologies, world-class operating facilities, and the most nurturing environments for patients and their families to rest and recover.

4) Donations help families in need

After receiving a cancer diagnosis, some patients find themselves burdened with financial challenges when it comes to accessing the medical care they need.

Epworth maintains several programs that help patients struggling financially to travel to their appointments, recover from traumatic medical events and cope with the emotional side of serious illnesses like cancer.

5) Donations fund medical research

Researchers in the Epworth Research Institute are working on more than 250 projects in critical areas of health such as cancer, cardiac services and gynaecology.

They intend to transform these projects into breakthrough treatments easing suffering and improving patient care and outcomes. Donations fund 80 percent of the research projects at Epworth Research Institute.

6) Donations educate the next generation

Epworth is committed to educating the next generation of medical professionals and helps train more than 1200 students at any one time. This helps ensure we have the best-trained staff to care for our patients.

Our new Simulation and Education facilities are world-class and help give our students a unique and cutting-edge educational experience. The centre enables our students and staff to replace real-life scenarios in realistic settings, while remaining in a safe and supportive environment.

7) Donations help you when you need us

If you or someone you love requires hospital care, you can trust Epworth to provide the best possible care, treatment and technology. At Epworth Medical Foundation, our sole purpose is to help ensure our patients receive the best possible outcomes and care. Thanks to our donors, we have successfully been doing this for almost 100 years and with your help, will continue to do so for many years to come.