With your bequest, you can:

  • direct it towards an area of health that is of personal interest to you
  • advise how you would like it to be used, for example, to fund research and clinical trials
  • help fund cutting-edge new equipment or to fund a perpetual scholarship
  • create a permanent endowment from which dividends will be distributed every year, in perpetuity

Bequest gifts are critical in helping us provide the best patient care possible.

For many, leaving a bequest to Epworth Medical Foundation represents an opportunity to support Epworth in a greater capacity than they might be able to do during their lifetime.

Bequests are one of the most significant ways of supporting Epworth to purchase world-class equipment, upgrade our facilities and undertake research to ensure patients at Epworth receive the very best care.

Your options are limitless in terms of the legacy you can leave to Epworth:

  • Whole estate – Leave your entire estate.
  • Residual gift – A residual gift includes the remainder of your estate, after you have first provided for your loved ones.
  • Percentage or fractional gift – Dividing your estate by percentage or fractions.
  • Specific gift – A simple way to donate a specific dollar amount, property or assets.
  • Share Portfolio – Donating your share portfolio or stocks to Epworth will not incur capital gains tax.

Suggested wording for your will

Based on your personal situation and preferences, the following wording may be used to make a bequest to Epworth HealthCare.

“I give to the Epworth Medical Foundation Limited, ABN 59 135 483 055, of 89 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC 3121

  • All of my residuary estate, OR
  • ___ percentage of my residuary estate, OR
  • The sum of $ ____ OR
  • List asset or assets OR
  • My share portfolio of stocks or shares

to be applied for the purposes of providing medical care, facilities, equipment or research at Epworth HealthCare by the Foundation. I declare that the receipt of a Director of the Foundation or other authorised officer will be a sufficient discharge to my executors, who will not be bound to see the application of this gift."

Download a printable version of your legacy options and suggested wording for your will (PDF, 308KB).

More information:

For more information and a confidential discussion about leaving a bequest to Epworth contact Vanessa Dannock on 03 9426 6132, 0408 122 599 or via [email protected]

Brochure: Download your copy of How to make a gift to Epworth in your will (PDF, 681KB).

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