Key facts

  • Maternity services commenced in 1991
  • 12 original midwives still work there
  • Almost 3,000 babies expected this year

I feel connected to this hospital. It is special to be at the same place.

The best kind of déjà vu possible for a Mitcham mum, who has given birth to a healthy baby boy at Epworth Freemasons, 30 years almost to the day since she was born there.

In November 1991, Tracie Bramham gave birth to her daughter Elle Hill, just weeks after the hospital opened its maternity unit.

Now, Epworth Freemasons is delivering the next generation of Victorians, with baby Lincoln welcomed into the world by Elle and proud dad, Carl.

Elle said it was wonderful to have her son in the same hospital she was born in.

"It was quite comforting, in a weird way," Elle said.

"I feel connected to this hospital as my mum had said so many good things about it. It is special to be at the same place."

30 years of service

Midwife Judy Jackson started in our maternity unit the month before Elle was born. She is one of a dedicated dozen midwives who have notched up 30 years’ service together, after starting in 1991.

Judy caught up with Elle in hospital.

"It’s lovely to see women born in the hospital in the early days now returning to have their babies.

"The average age of our mothers is in their 30s, so hopefully we see more of our babies having their babies here too,” Judy said.

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