I completed my anaesthesia training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital including a Masters degree in cardiovascular physiology in 1991. After a year in Oxford in 1992 I worked until 2001 in Melbourne before moving to Geelong.

I joined Geelong Anaesthetic Group in 2009 and currently work both in Melbourne and Geelong with special interests in anaesthesia for cardiology, cardiothoracic and eye operations. I also have advanced qualifications and experience in echocardiography and the management of cardiopulmonary bypass for cardiac operations.

When not at work I’m usually out sailing, playing golf, or spending time with my family. If you have any questions relating to your anaesthetic, please feel free to contact me via my rooms at Geelong Anaesthetic Group.

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Geelong Anaesthetic Group

Suite 5, Level 2 83 Myers Street
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  • MBBS
  • BS
  • MSc