The 14-story East Wing Tower will be constructed in partnership with Northwest Healthcare Properties Management and will assist in the expansion of numerous services and facilities, including:

  • Additional patient beds and expanded ICU department
  • Additional clinical spaces and theatres, including a brand-new hybrid theatre
  • A dedicated Endoscopy Suite floor
  • Expanded Orthopaedic and Oncology Services with a dedicated Wellness Centre and gymnasium
  • Additional doctor consulting suites

Epworth Eastern expands into wings

Epworth Eastern will become three distinct, but linked wings.

Arnold Wing will include the existing the hospital, acknowledging its Arnold Street location. Garden Wing will include the refurbished Medical Centre and acknowledge its connection, and proximity, to Box Hill Gardens, and East Wing will include new internal spaces within East Wing Tower.

Staged opening of East Wing Tower

July 2021

East Wing Tower commences ongoing breakthroughs to existing Inpatient Units

August 2021

Completion of Ground foyer and Main Reception, Arnold Wing

October 2021

Completion of Level 3 Surgical Admissions, opening TBC.

Completion of Level 3 Theatre Complex, including Hybrid Theatre, opening TBC.

Completion of brand-new East Wing Inpatient Units, opening TBC

  • L4 Oncology & Haematology Inpatient Unit
  • L5 Orthopaedic Inpatient Unit
  • L6 General Medical Inpatient Unit

Completion of Level 7 Hospital Administration, East Wing

December 2021

Completion of East Wing Tower doctor consulting suites

  • L9 Consulting Suites
  • L10 Consulting Suites, including Wellness Centre & Gymnasium

January 2022

Refurbishment of Level 3 Patient Discharge, Arnold Wing

February 2022

Completion of Basement Car Park refurbishment Levels B1 – B3

Completion of East Wing Tower Level 11 - 14 doctor consulting suites

In 2022, Epworth Eastern looks forward to hosting a series of employee, doctor and community events to showcase our East Wing Tower development.

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