Demolition has been finalised at the site where East Wing Tower will be built, a key milestone for Epworth Eastern's expansion and redevelopment. The 14-story East Wing Tower will be constructed in partnership with Northwest Healthcare Properties Management and will assist in the expansion of numerous services and facilities, including:

  • A brand-new emergency department
  • Dedicated traditional Chinese medicine floor
  • Additional car parks
  • Additional consulting suites
  • Additional operating theatres
  • Three new clinical floors

The increased capacity for staff and doctors will result in Epworth Eastern employing in excess of 160 additional staff. The site redevelopment will also allow Epworth Eastern to further contribute to the education and training of theatre technicians, enrolled nurses and many more positions in partnership with Box Hill Institute.

Epworth Eastern's redevelopment team looks forward to updating staff and key stakeholders on the next stages of this exciting project.

Current project timeline

June 2019 - Construction commences

Epworth Eastern appoints builder to commence construction of its 14-storey East Wing Tower and redevelopment of medical centre.

2020-2021 - Opening of East Wing Tower

A staged handover of new clinical floors and consulting spaces will take place as they become operational at East Wing Tower. This will commence at Ground Floor to Level 7, followed by Level 8 to Level 14, as well as Level 2 and 3, which house existing theatre spaces.

2021 - A new Emergency Department

Epworth Eastern will open a brand new emergency department, located at Nelson Road. 

Epworth Eastern Green Travel Plan

A Green Travel Plan is a suite of initiatives and services employed to promote the use of sustainable transport options, such as walking, cycling, public transport or car-pooling.

A Green Travel Plan informs future residents, staff and visitors of the development, assisting them with alternative transport option information when accessing the site and providing associated health and fitness benefits when increasing their activity levels through regular walking and cycling.

In addition, a Green Travel Plan will provide benefits when advocating for a reduction in car parking requirements, or assisting in meeting environmental targets.

Initiatives to help patients and visitors:

  • bike shops and bike cage locations
  • Box Hill Metro Map
  • cycling groups
  • inner Melbourne tram and train
  • taxi service
  • transport access guide
  • transport interchanges
  • walking groups