Please note:

When you arrive at the emergency department you will be asked not to eat or drink until staff have given you permission. This is to ensure any food or drink does not interfere with any tests we may need to carry out

When you arrive the triage nurse will:

  • Take a brief history and perform a brief examination
  • If your condition is assessed as ‘high priority’ you will be taken straight into a treatment space for further assessment and treatment
  • If your condition is assessed as less urgent, you will be asked to give your personal information to our clerical staff
  • As soon as possible, you will be reassessed by another nurse shortly followed by a doctor who will also examine you
  • The doctor will organise any further investigations that they feel are necessary to make a diagnosis and decide on the most suitable treatment

Our emergency treatment spaces are designed to provide privacy while reducing outside noise. If you have an acute, but easily treated injury, you may be allocated to one of our fast-track treatment chairs, ensuring you get treatment without delay.

If required, you may be admitted to a ward or, in some cases, you may be transferred to one of our other hospitals. Following admission, your care and treatment will be transferred to and managed by a physician who specialises in your condition.

Sometimes, it may not be possible for an emergency department to clearly determine the cause of your problem. If, after leaving emergency, your symptoms come back or they do not improve, it is very important you return to the emergency department or see your local doctor. 

If you return to an Epworth emergency department within a 2-week period, you will not be charged the out-of-pocket fee.