At the time of referral, we work with your hospital consultants, and Emergency physicians, to create a treatment plan. We have specialised HHU staff, protocols and equipment to ensure your care is delivered safely and effectively.

You remain a patient of Epworth Hospital while you are under the care of Epworth Hospital in the Home. We take that seriously. Epworth Hospital in the Home is staffed with medical staff who will care for you while you are in HHU.

You will be given a 24 hour contact number which you can call if you have any concerns regarding your condition, or if your symptoms change.

There are a few rules to ensure your stay in HHU is safe:

  • Patients are generally required to stay home, unless approved to go out by the HHU doctor or nurse, or you have a specialist appointment. Please let the HHU team know if appointments have been arranged, or are due to be.
  • You can’t drive while you are a patient of Hospital in the Home.
  • In general, you cannot attend your GP while in HHU. The Hospital in the Home doctor will manage any other issues you may have. The HHU doctor will arrange prescriptions for any medication you may require.
  • Place any pets outside or in another room when the HHU nurse is visiting.
  • Provide a safe and smoke free environment for the team to work in.
  • If possible, sit at a table while the HHU nurse attends to your care.
  • Inform the HHU nurse if you require more medication, so they can be ordered and delivered the next day.
  • The HHU nurse will leave a locked box at your house with your case notes and medical supplies. Store in a safe place.
  • When the HHU doctor feels that your condition has improved and you no longer require hospital care, you will be discharged from the unit. Any follow up treatment will be explained and your GP will receive a letter from the HHU doctor, so that care continues to run smoothly.• We recommend that you see your GP for follow-up a week after discharge from HHU.

What does HHU do?

Hospital in the Home is able to complete the management of patients who require ongoing acute care of serious conditions, including:

  • Anticoagulation: following new AF, peri-operative management of anticoagulation for people on Warfarin, complicated DVT, pulmonary emboli
  • Blood transfusions, iron infusions for palliation purposes
  • Dehydration due to sepsis, complications of chemotherapy, pregnancy or gastroenteritis
  • Hospital acquired infections: infected prosthesis, hospital acquired pneumonia, surgical wound infections
  • MS, ulcerative colitis and other inflammatory disorders requiring intravenous steroid
  • Negative pressure (VAC) wound therapy
  • Other traumatic or neoplastic conditions
  • Serious infections including osteomyelitis, septic arthritis, endocarditis, epidural or spinal abscesses, etc
  • Viral or fungal infections requiring antiviral or antifungal treatment

Via Epworth Richmond’s Emergency Department, Hospital in the Home also manages people who require acute admission after presentation for conditions including:

  • Cellulitis
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Nursing Home acquired infections
  • Pneumonia
  • Severe Sinusitis
  • Symptomatic support for oncology patients
  • Tonsillitis
  • Urinary sepsis

Additional services

To assist in the transition from the supported Hospital environment to being at home, HHU is able to assist patients where needed with a weekly cleaning service, meals and assistance with showering. For patients who live alone, temporary accommodation may be an alternative that can be negotiated with the ward.

Referring to HHU

HHU accepts referrals internally from the emergency department or Epworth wards and from other hospitals. General Practitioners and Consultants can also refer patients directly to HHU.

Steps for Patient Referral

Step 1

Call Hospital in the Home with the potential referral on 0407530954

  • Inform the Nurse in charge of the care required i.e. IV antibiotics or other intravenous therapy, VAC therapy, anticoagulation, post op drain tube monitoring
  • Confirm treating Doctors approval for HHU and preparedness of patient i.e. PICC line insitu
  • Clients name, suburb and Health fund
  • Request transfer to HHU date, duration of treatment required

Step 2

Complete the HHU Referral checklist (PDF, 40KB) with all relevant information

  • Patient label
  • Condition being treated, procedures while in Hospital, relevant history
  • Treatment required i.e. Antibiotic regime, duration of treatment and the referring specialist
  • Any issues physical or social relevant to the patient

Step 3

Fax the referral to HHU on 94266856

  • Attach relevant paperwork- Drug chart, current wound chart for VAC therapy

Step 4

The Hospital In the home Doctor will review the patient

  • Usually within 24 hrs. Do not send the patient home prior to confirmation from HHU
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