Supporting you through this journey to parenthood and beyond.

With personalised luxury and outstanding clinical care, Epworth Freemasons is here to support you through this journey to parenthood and beyond.

Melbourne’s only dedicated Maternity Concierge is here to guide and support you with all the information you want to know. Our modern birth suites have been designed with inspiration from mother nature herself, creating a truly nurturing space.

Bond with your newborn in our modern, spacious, private suites while savouring our delicious chef-prepared meals. Your dedicated midwives will support and empower you through those early days and your partner or support person is welcome to stay on the ward with you in our Victoria parade or Albert Street sites.

Meet the 100,000th baby born at Epworth Freemasons

Epworth Freemasons

Maternity Concierge

If you have any questions about what the Epworth Freemasons Maternity experience is like or have any questions along the way, I can’t wait to help you!

Epworth Freemasons Maternity Experience Pack

Learn all about the exceptional care and experience that lies ahead for you, when you choose to have your baby with us.

Epworth Freemasons

Obstetrician specialist directory
Epworth Maternity

Bump, Birth & Bub

They say that babies don’t come with a handbook -
this might just be the next best thing!

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Will COVID affect your birth?

See all the latest information about how COVID might influence your birthing experience at Epworth Freemasons.
Epworth Freemasons

Maternity education classes

There is so much to prepare and organise for your big day. Draw on our expertise of more than 30 years delivering babies to help you be equipped for whatever comes your way.

Epworth Freemasons

A luxury culinary experience

Epworth Freemasons Maternity, meet Chef Steve and discover the delicious menu that awaits.
Epworth Freemasons

Epworth x Park Hyatt Melbourne

Epworth Freemasons is proud to partner with Park Hyatt Melbourne, giving you the opportunity to soak in those first few days with your baby, in five-star luxury while supported by our renowned Epworth midwives.
Epworth Freemasons


Birthing can be a calm, beautiful and positive experience.
Epworth Freemasons

Special care nursery

The Special Care Nursery units at Epworth Freemasons care for premature and ill babies who require intensive monitoring and medical support.
Epworth Freemasons

Lactation consultants

Epworth Maternity has a team of experienced Lactation Consultants who can help with any breastfeeding information, questions or issues that you might have.

Epworth Freemasons

Mobile midwife

A short video series which cover everyday newborn topics like feeding, nappy changing, bathing, dressing and swaddling, plus topics for mums like self-care, exercise, nutrition and partner support.

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We thoughtfully support you through pregnancy, labour and birth. We also provide important post-natal care.
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