Hip Joint Replacement Surgery – Anterior Approach

Information for patients and their families

Hip Joint Replacement Surgery – Posterior or Lateral approach

[Information for patients and their families
  • How to order crutches and/or independent aids

    If you wish to order before you come into the hospital, you can order your crutches and/or independent aids at the following link. If not, they can be ordered directly during your admission to hospital: Equipment ordering Statewide Home Healthcare - https://www.shhc.com.au/Epworth-Healthcare-Orthopaedic-Preadmission-Order-Form

  • How to order pre surgery antiseptic wash

    The Epworth musculoskeletal surgeons have requested all joint replacement patients use a pre surgery antiseptic wash to thoroughly cleanse and disinfect the skin prior to the operation. Your surgeon has requested that you use the antiseptic wash instead of soap on both the day before and the day of surgery.

    The recommended product is Chlorhexidine Pre-Op, a 50 ml pre op wash. (Chlorhexidine Gluconate 40mg per ml).

    The wash can be purchased for $4.98 through Slades’ Pharmacy, 89 Bridge Road Richmond telephone (03) 8420 0700 or email [email protected]. It is located in the first aid section of the pharmacy, alternatively it can be ordered over the phone and mailed to you with an additional postage charge of approx. $10.00. Prices subject to increase without notice.

    Epworth Healthcare Chlorhexidine wash instructions.

    1. You should use a clean sponge or flannel to assist you in washing your whole body thoroughly, pay special attention to your underarms, navel, genital and anal area.
    2. Rinse your entire body, repeat wash and rinse again.
    3. Dry thoroughly using a fresh towel.
    4. Dress in freshly laundered clothing.

    Please note this product is not hypo allergenic, if you have sensitivity or an allergic reaction to lotions please use your usual "soap" but follow the above guidelines for pre- operative hygiene.

  • Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry

    The AOANJRR was established in 1999 to improve outcomes for patients having joint replacement surgery. The information collected has been very important in improving outcomes for patients.

    The Registry now wants to collect additional information directly from patients. This will enable a better understanding of how you are feeling, the problems you are having with the joint before your operation and the changes you experience following surgery.

    Please register your upcoming joint replacement with the AOANJRR before surgery: https://aoanjrrtrials.sahmri.com

  • Email and phone support

    Leave a message during out of office hours.

    If you require immediate assistance, please contact your surgeon.

    Epworth Richmond and Epworth Freemasons:

    [email protected]

    Phone support available Tues & Weds- 7am – 3pm
    Clinical Liaison Research Nurse: Phone: 03 9426 8500

    Epworth Eastern

    [email protected]

    Phone support available on Thursdays 8am - 4.30pm
    Pre Admission Nurse, Tracy 0466 169 765

    Epworth Geelong

    [email protected]

    Phone support available Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9am - 4pm
    Katrina: 03 5271 8297

    Epworth Rehabilitation

    Phone: 1300 46 73422
    Email: [email protected]