Delivering another 100 years of exceptional healthcare and innovation to the Victorian community.

Over the next three years, Epworth will build on its century old reputation, to deliver another 100 years of outstanding care to the Victorian community. Patients will continue to benefit via new models of care, expanded clinical services and innovation for which Epworth is renowned.

Supported by the Epworth Medical Foundation, we will enable our workforce to grow, develop and succeed; motivated by our purpose, every patient matters.

Our ambition is to set a new benchmark for patient care. We will work with our doctors and key strategic partners to deliver new and innovative ways of delivering care across Victoria.

Our new strategy considers projected market shifts in the private healthcare landscape that include:

  • changing consumer expectations from their healthcare services
  • new models of care and same day market growth
  • increasing competition for talent
  • rising out-of-pocket costs for patients
  • long-term impacts of climate change
  • increasing digitisation across the healthcare sector
  • ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Epworth 2025

Underpinning our ambition are four clear strategic priorities

Epworth 2025 four clear strategic priorities

The key elements to the successful delivery of our strategy are:

  • strategic partnerships: collaborating with our doctors, payors, government, research providers and other organisations to deliver the best outcomes for our patients.
  • a continuous improvement culture: fostering an environment that is adaptive to change and quality improvement.
  • active and visible leadership: aligned leaders that are focused on Epworth 2025 and its implementation.

Epworth 2025 Strategic Plan Summary

Our strategic vision: Delivering another 100 years of exceptional healthcare and innovation to the Victorian community.

Epworth 2025: our doctors and staff