Dr Cade has a holistic obstetric practice committed to patient autonomy and fully informed choices. His particular interests are pre-existing diabetes and gestational diabetes, most specifically avoiding unnecessary interventions and allowing patients an interactive decision about their care. He is the Head of Diabetes at the Royal Women's Hospital and has a research doctorate in this area. His gynaecology practice focusses on pelvic floor surgery and repair for obstetric problems, prolapse or incontinence and also investigation of infertility. He works as a pelvic floor surgeon within this unit at the Royal Women's Hospital.

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Epworth Freemasons Victoria Parade

Consulting locations

Consulting Location

Dr Thomas Cade

Suite 101 320 Victoria Pde
East Melbourne VIC 3002

Special interests

  • Pre-existing diabetes: optimisation and management for pregnancy
  • Gestational diabetes: minimising interventions and analysing appropriate models of care
  • Pelvic floor problems: poor healing after childbirth; prolapse; incontinence
  • Infertility: investigations or surgery before consideration of IVF treatment

Education and training

  • RANZCOG Trainee Supervisor
  • RANZCOG Board of Examiners
  • St Vincent's Clinical School Co-ordinator
  • University of Melbourne Examiner


  • Gestational Diabetes: Early Career Research at University of Melbourne (2018)r
  • Gestational Diabetes: Luke Proposch Perinatal Research Scholarship (RANZCOG) (2017)
  • Screening for pre-eclampsia
  • Fertility sparing treatment for early endometrial cancer


  • MBBS
  • BMedSci
  • DMedSc

Professional Associations

  • AMA
  • AGES
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