Our midwives are often asked how to choose a maternity hospital, because it’s a decision that’s key to a positive pregnancy and birth experience. To help make it easier, here’s a few thought starters:

  • This is your journey. Your pregnancy, birth and baby will be unique and so will your ideas of how you would like to approach labour and birth. Have a think about what’s important to you and make a list.
  • There are no stupid questions. Keep a note for when you meet your GP for a referral or contact our maternity teams with any questions you might have about the Epworth experience.
  • You can research online, but just make sure that the information is coming from a trusted source. It’s all about making sure you’re fully educated and armed with the right information.
  • Talk to like minded people you trust. If you’re not ready yet to tell people you’re pregnant, or trying, join the Epworth Maternity Facebook group. You can connect and ask advice from other like minded parents.

The next step is to make an appointment with your general practitioner (GP) to confirm your pregnancy and have a check-up. Your GP will also discuss what type of maternity experience you’d prefer and whether you have an obstetrician in mind.

You might have had recommendations from family or friends about which obstetrician they chose and why, or perhaps you just know that you want to have your baby at Epworth Maternity. Either way, it’s important that you book your obstetrician and maternity hospital as early as possible, to secure your first preference.

Your GP will then write you a referral to your obstetrician of choice and your obstetrician will take care of your Epworth booking.

Download our baby steps checklist on how to have an Epworth baby.


How to have an Epworth baby - checklist

We are here to make your Epworth Maternity journey as easy and exciting as possible.

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