Cardiac rehabilitation can be an important step towards improving your quality of life and wellness.

Is cardiac rehabilitation for me?

Cardiac rehabilitation will benefit you if you: are recovering from a cardiac event or procedure such as a heart attack, open heart surgery and angioplasty/ stent, or have been diagnosed with a chronic heart condition such as heart failure.

About Epworth Rehabilitation's cardiac programs

The purpose of cardiac rehabilitation is to help you lead a fulfilling life and encourage a lifestyle that limits recurrence of cardiac events. You will receive education, exercise, encouragement and opportunities to practice lifestyle changes in your daily activities, as well as support to build community networks for you and your family. Our cardiac rehabilitation programs apply evidence-based standards and recommendations as outlined by the National Heart Foundation's Recommended Framework for Cardiac Rehabilitation.

You will be guided through topics including:

  • understanding the heart and cardiac risk factors
  • principles of exercise
  • activity guidelines,
  • returning to work,
  • driving
  • cardiac medications
  • cardiac nutrition,
  • healthy cooking and eating
  • food label reading
  • eating out
  • mental health and well-being
  • what to do in an emergency,
  • action plan
  • symptom management

About your rehabilitation team

You will be supported by a specialist team of health professionals who have expertise in cardiac rehabilitation including:

  • a cardiac rehabilitation physician
  • cardiac nurses
  • physiotherapists
  • exercise physiologists
  • occupational therapists
  • dietitians
  • psychologists.

As an active member of the team you will participate in setting your own goals, reviewing your progress and planning your needs moving forward.

How is the program offered?

Epworth Rehabilitation offers the following streams of cardiac rehabilitation programs.

At Epworth Brighton, Epworth Camberwell and Epworth Geelong

Our cardiac rehabilitation program can be delivered as:

1.An inpatient in hospital.

2.An outpatient in hospital or at home. The hospital-based program involves coming to hospital to complete your program with the team once or twice a week. The home-based program incorporates the use of Cardihab, a digital app, combined with the support of our team who will contact you twice a week.

3.At Epworth Richmond via the HeartSmart program: This outpatient group is a hospital based program which involves 1 or 2 sessions per week at Epworth Richmond to help you recover after a cardiac procedure.

Program type:



Available at:

  • Epworth Camberwell
  • Epworth Geelong
  • Epworth Richmond

Referring to rehabilitation services

Online referral form and contact details for Epworth rehabilitation services.