For same-day answers, take care of your body even if you are short on time.

Given the comprehensive nature of the service, we ask that you allow up to four hours to complete the appointment.

We offer

  • Advice on breast self-examination and care
  • Assessment of any breast related symptom (lump, pain, nipple discharge etc)
  • Biopsy usually available on the same day or within 48 hours
  • Breast surgeon assessment usually available on the same day
  • Clinical breast examination
  • Comprehensive and personalised breast cancer risk assessment
  • Detailed assessment of your symptoms
  • Discussion of your results on the same day
  • Investigations as appropriate for your needs (mammogram, ultrasound)
  • Mammography with 3D tomosynthesis technology and other radiology techniques, conducted on site by our experienced radiology team
  • Plan any treatment if needed
  • Routine breast examination and screening for asymptomatic women with average risk and high risk of breast cancer (family history)


The cost of your breast test consultation will depend on the services required. Fees are partly covered by Medicare.

Full fees

  • GP Consultation: $100 - $120, gap $60, concession card holders gap $22
  • Radiology/Imaging: $230 - $560, dependent on nature and number of imaging modalities required
  • Total potential gap: $350 capped (worse case scenario), dependent on radiology required and concession card status

Breast surgeon consultation

If you do need to see a breast surgeon, following your consultation, we can arrange that on the same day. Additional fees will apply for the specialist.

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